It is Essential for Slots: Currency Detector

Big Slots Cheating Business

Casino history can tell us a lot of situations connected with fraudulent and cheating activities with slot machines. According to the old proverb "necessity is the mother of invention". Thus even nowadays tricksters are still attracted to glaring and glossy one-armed bandits. They commonly use special devices to confuse the machine. Cheaters probably forgot that every crime will necessarily be punished in one way or another. Unlike card counting and other intellectual efforts applied in certain gambling games, cheating with slot machines is believed to be illegal throughout the whole casino industry and is penalized with serious measures. Moreover the advance of security technologies is nearly to eliminate all potential infringements and violations when it comes to attempts of cheating with slots.

A Currency Detector Device

Currency detector is an instrument that identifies whether a piece of currency inserted by gambler into a slot machine is counterfeit or not. Such slot function facilitators are commonly used in gambling industry and are assisting to eliminate the risk of the security breach.

The function of the currency detector is to examine the piece of currency that was inserted into the slot machine. With the help of different tests the instrument determines if the money is valid or fake. Since the parameters may vary accordingly to different types of coins & paper money, detectors of such kind should be programmed appropriately for each item which they are about to accept.

So how exactly do currency detectors work works? There are few types of currency detectors:

  • banknote acceptors and
  • coin detectors

Banknote acceptors (also known as bill acceptors) validate paper currency with the help of special detectors that scan the money with particular optical & magnetic sensors. In past similar devices that were used in gambling and other industries were extremely subjected to various failures but thanks to modern innovations they were recently modified and now include different up-to-date features (such as electronic jam ejection & calibrating sensors).

Coin detectors test various coin characteristics (such as coin size, weight and some other features) and validate acceptable pieces of currency. Modern slots with sophisticated automated coin acceptors that are installed in slot machines are also scanning the deposited money with the help of optics & match the image with a pre-defined list.

Down With Cheating!

It is universal truth that people are infected with lie and almost every person practiced at least smallest slyness once or more times. Unfortunately this negative human characteristic affects every aspect of our reality even (or especially) gambling games. But one should not forget that modern security devices (such as RNG, currency detector and some other tools) are programmed to nullify the risk of slots fraud and identify those who made an attempt to perform it. In any event strict punishment will be imposed immediately.