Examples of Top Themed Slots Available in Casinos Today

Slots are actually the most popular and among the most successful casino games both in online gaming and in brick and mortar casinos.  Although casinos are among the simplest and straightforward casino games, winning is largely dependent on luck rather than complex strategies or techniques.  However, what make William hill slots online different and fun are the different colorful graphics, exciting audio and the diversity of themes.  It is 2013 and as new slot themes come out, we will look at some of the best slot themes now.

a) Movie themed slots

Back when Avatar the movie was still a hit, most Vegas casinos that were among the first to install Avatar themed slots saw a sharp increase in players preferring these new themed slots.  Today, manufacturers are still churning out movie themed slots which make gamers identify the games with the excitement, mystery or thrill of the movie.  Popular movie themes of all time include Tomb Raider, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Lord of the Rings and Fantastic Four.

b) TV-Show themed slots

Since television shows are now a part of our daily interactions, how much fun is it to play slots while getting the thrill, excitement and flashbacks of your favorite TV show?  With slots themed on various top TV shows such as Sex and the City, The Family Guy, X-Factor, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, casino games are much more fun.

c) Fashion themed slots

Manufacturer’s attempt to attract middle aged and young gamblers has seen the introduction of some of the most amazing and creative fashion themes for slot games.  The designers’ intention to induce nostalgia and the promise to relive moments of clarity or visualize oneself in a different life works and fashion themed slots are now more popular than ever.

d) Game show themed slots

Besides TV Shows, Game shows too have won the hearts of many and marketers are taking advantage of people’s desire to make difficult decisions by introducing the closest machine they will get to their favorite game shows – slots.  Slots is a game of chance, and creating slot machines themed The Price is Right, Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune certainly helps people choose a game to play.

e) 3D slots

The advancement in display technology and 3D has moved to the casino as slot machines are now being revamped with amazing graphics and best of all – a premium environment that offers a unique gaming experience.  If you haven’t tried playing 3D slots, you are behind in making use of new slot games innovations to have a good time.

These themes and many others are no longer exclusive to online players, these fancy advancements are now in your local casino and it presents these and many other innovative features that completely changes a gaming experience.