Popular TV and Film slots at Metro

Finding an online casino game that’s right for you can be tricky, for there are hundreds of versions out there making the choice sometimes a little daunting.

For many first-time gamers the best way to get started is to play something you’re familiar with and everyone has a favourites film or TV show to get them started.

If you’re a big movie-goer then the slots games at Metro Play casino are just what you’re after. Many players head straight to the popular Tomb Raider slots, a five-reel machine that combines across each reel to give you 15 potential winning lines. To play is easy: just select how much you want to stake on each line – for example 50p – and select the number of lines. Then go for a spin and if you’re lucky you could win a mega jackpot.

The great thing about the Tomb Rader slots is that you play alongside Lara Croft as she encounters all the dangers of the movie franchise. The eerie music and tense atmosphere casts you straight into the film and it’s your job to come away with the treasure.

If you’re someone who gets the hang of games quite quickly then you can always advance to the ‘expert’ levels where autospins and line selections are available to make the gaming experience even more fun.

Alongside Tomb Raider the Metro Play Casino hosts other film slots like Star Trek and Ghostbusters. The latter boasts double the number of lines found in the Lara Croft version, so you’ve even more chances of winning alongside Ray and the gang. The music and the quotes from the film make this game come to life and there are great bonus rounds to play if you nail the right reels.

There are also Mystery Features laced in the game so you may find yourself with an extra Cash Award simply for spinning; or maybe you’ll hit Wild Reels, where three reels become slimed, turning them entirely wild and capable of making numerous extra combinations.

There really is a film slot machine for everyone at the Metro Play Casino and you can always test which one suits you by playing the demo modes first.