Fortune Favors the Brave: Playing Progressive Slots

Interpretation of Progressive Slots

Progressive slots machines are a group of slots joined together by a network. They can be also characterized as a gambling game with instantly increasing jackpot. It grows with each bet made by players. The ultimate jackpot is determined when someone wins and is calculated from a percentage of all stakes. It is also possible to win a prize without achieving a progressive jackpot. This can be explained with the fact that progressive slot machines pay out maximum award only in case a gambler hits on the certain winning symbols appointed for the jackpot.

Do not avoid progressive machines because the odds of winning a life-changing reward may be colossal. As long as you are a cold-minded person and are realistic in your expectations you can give progressive slots a shot.

Types of Progressive Slot Machines

Virtual casino progressive slots jackpots make all your gambling dreams come true opening tremendous opportunities of winning at slots. Remember that not all progressive slot machines are identical. They can be divided into 3 various types:

  • Stand-alone progressive slots are not attached to other machines. It does not have a fixed jackpot; it is calculated from a percentage of money invested in game and adds that to the jackpot for the highest winning combination. This type of progressive slot machine has a measuring meter on the front panel that displays you magnificent amount of the juicy jackpot. Be aware that jackpot available at stand-alone progressive machines is much lower than at linked together slots.
  • Wide-area progressive slots are usually linked together by network operated by various casinos, which may be controlled by different enterprises. As a rule they offer immense rewards and various types of bonuses that may change the whole lifestyle of the person who will be lucky to hit the jackpot. But the odds of winning the prizes can be quite low and are similar to hitting on a great lottery ticket payout.
  • In-house/proprietary progressive slots can be described as a group of machines that are linked together. These are owned and operated by the casino. Such machines may be installed in a single casino or united with few properties (in case the gambling enterprise possesses more than one casino). The jackpots on such machines can be hit more often than on the big wide-area progressive slots.

It's alright to try your chances with the help of progressive slots but be ready to quit in the right moment remembering that one-armed bandits may leave you disappointed and penniless. But what is more important is to be aware of the fact that playing slot machines is a tremendous entertainment. Have Fun!