Slot Machines and Poker – Really Winning Combination!

It is not a secret that two most popular casino games are slot machines with the huge number of possible game variations, and poker, which is the game played only by those who are ready to be responsible for all their moves and decisions. These two games are absolutely different; you will hardly find at least some small common details in their game running, rules, bets, etc. But if you are player who is ready to risk and make unexpected decisions, you can try to play both of these games at any casino online! Of course, it will take more time to master two games, but the results of your gambling will always be twice better. But let us now analyze how a common player can play both of games at the same time. Find the details below!

Choosing the Casino

First and foremost, you need to check the list of online casino sites which offer you to enjoy slot machines and poker. Not to waste your time, you can follow our advice and visit, you may be sure that this place has a good choice both of poker variations, and slot machines. Moreover, here you will find more gambling possibilities, such as horses and sports betting. So, the decision on where to play is made, and now you need to create account and download software.

Learning the Rules

In order to play casino slots and poker with the low number of losses, you need to learn out the game rules. It will be extremely easy to do with slot machines, as the game is simple and self-explanatory, but you need to put some efforts to learn out poker. The best way to master poker is not only to read rules and play, but also to watch how professionals play the game. You can follow Victoria Coren’s twitter to know more about poker games. Being one of the best poker players, she frequently writes about het poker experience with videos attached. With her help you will be able to make your gambling better, and raise your chances to win.

How to Combine Slots and Poker?

As you already know, slot machines are games which do not require great mastery from you. In order to play slots all you need to do is to push the spin button, just like it was in the first machines appeared. Poker game is different. So how to make use of this fact? First, keep in mind that all online slot machines have autoplay mode. It means that in order to play slot machine you just need to decide on the size of your bet, number of paylines, choose the number of spins to make, and click Autoplay button. While the reels are spinning, you have a time to play poker! The more autospins you have chosen, the more time on playing poker you have.

Note: It is better to choose the poker game beforehand, not to lose the time while spins are made at slot machines. Just run two applications!

Is It Possible to Combine Slots and Poker at Traditional Casino?

Unfortunately, when you play casino games at Las Vegas or Macau, you cannot enjoy both games at one of the same time. Want some advice? At traditional casinos it is always better to play slots, as the payouts there are incredibly high!

It is a Good Idea to Combine Games?

Of course, you would like to try out all of the best online casino games, and sometimes you cannot resist a temptation to play as many of them as possible at once. But beware -  it can lead to huge losses. Though slots are easy to play, you should not think that you should not master your knowledge about them. The following rules works at any game you play: the more you know – the more you get.

Finally we can make a decision on playing casino slots online and poker at the same time: if you are a skilled player you may try to do that, but if you are not sure that you are good enough, it is better to enjoy each of the games by their own.