Revealing Slots Myths and Superstitions

Casting Away Slots Secrets

There are a lot of misbelieves and myths when it comes to playing at slot machines. Unfortunately some superstitions are considered by many gamblers as reality and certainty. Unfortunately many people suffer from negative feature of spreading irrational beliefs when something goes out of your control.

Myths can be harmless when you keep them at a certain distance but they can seriously damage when they lead to wrong decisions and deeds thus we are going to dispel some of them.

Below you will find most common delusions and some hints that will help you to avoid them when playing with one-armed bandits. Read them carefully through and keep in mind when you are gambling.

Most Common Slots Myths

Myth â„–1: If you will pull the handle instead of pushing the button that starts the reels, you will have a better chance to hit big profit!

In reality: It doesn't matter whether you will pull the lever or press the button as the outcome of the slot game is determined by random number generator.

Myth â„–2: If to play a slot machine a bit longer, you would definitely win the desired jackpot.

In reality: And again thanks to the random number generator potential symbol combinations are instantly changing. And moreover it is impossible to predict the fortune.

Myth â„–3: If a particular slot machine just hit it won't produce another big rewards for quite a long period of time!

In reality: You have an opportunity to hit a jackpot any time if luck is on your side.

Myth â„–4: Casinos control slot machines along with the frequency of hitting large jackpots.

In reality: Once again, the only device that controls the winning numbers is random number generator. Betting houses have no opportunity to control it in any way.

Myth â„–5: The hottest one-armed bandits are always located near the casino entrance.

In reality: Remember that the slots with the largest payout percentage are as a rule situated: near restaurants/cafes and coffee stores, on elevated carousels and next to change booths.

Myth â„–6: Slot machine needs some kind of warming up before starting to make big bets.

In reality: In fact if you struggle to achieve the top prize available in slots game you have to gamble the max bet, always, and from the very beginning!

Myth â„–7: There are loose and tight slots.

In reality: It is absolutely untrue because all modern slots games have its own payout percentage identified in a payout table.

Luck may be on your side or may walk away if it is your unlucky day but knowledge will remain with you forever. Thus master your slot skills with our tips and pieces of advices. Have fun with slot machines!