Enrich Your Gambling Vocabulary: Learn Slot Terms

The Language of Slot Machines

While interacting with slot machines you may come across various slot terms. If you plan to succeed in this game of chance and become a real pro you should read this article through and get acquainted with the language of slot terms.

Bonus is a peculiarity of the particular game. It is activated with loud music and special graphic features if the result of the gambling session amounts to certain symbols that match into a winning combination. Bonuses may vary and depend on the certain game rules. Winning at slots is achievable with the range of existing slot bonuses (free spins, multiplied winning credit values, free welcoming games, additional games etc.)

Candle is a light at the very top of the coin machine. It informs the operator about necessary changes, problems etc.

Coin hopper is an automated device rotating currency into the coin tray in case a gambler gets the credits or wins extra coins.

Coin size refers to the amount of money that gambler should insert in order to start playing at slot machine.

Credit meter is a visual device that indicates the amount of money that has been paid or number of valid credits.

Drop bucket/drop box is a repository installed inside slot machines and used for excess coins diverted from the hopper.

EGM is an abbreviation for the Electronic Gaming Machine.

Hit -this is what punters call as a winning spin.

Hold refers to house profit.

Low level /slant top slots have a "chair" so the player could sit down, take a deep breath and start the machine.

Max Bet amounts to maximum quantity of coins or tokens that you are ready to give away playing on a certain slot machine.

Stand up/upright land slots are operated while standing.

Pay cycle defines the time necessary for a particular slot machine to pay out.

Pay line(s) is a line that matches winning symbols and determines the amount of the prize.

Progressive slots jackpot is a top prize that instantly grows with every bet of players.

Symbols or images are the icons printed on the drums. They are the visiting card of slot game and can be completely different (celebrities, fruits, numbers, flowers and so on).

Tilt takes place when coin machine stops taking in or paying out coins. This situation occurs when the machine is running out of coins.

Winning combination is the lines of winning symbols in certain order.

Wild symbol is a symbol that plays the role of the substitute for any other symbol in order to perform a winning combination.