Learn Essential Slot Tips for Gamblers

It's Time to Beat Casino Slots!

Congratulations! You have reached the best guide that will take your knowledge to the next level and increase your chances of winning slot jackpot. Consider slot tips and myths listed below and use them in your everyday gambling with slot machines.

It is common knowledge that the sacred dream of every slot player is to come up with ideal combination on the reels and enjoy the life-changing fame of the jackpot winner.

But let's face the truth: in order to beat one-armed bandit you need to learn the fundamentals of casinos online and offline slots.

Playing Slot Machines: Do's and Don'ts

Every slot player comes across the following questions: "What are my chances to win? How to become a winner?" Search for the answers in this article and remember that no one can guarantee that you will hit "the big one" by feeding slot machines with cash from own wallet.


  • DO examine the payoff data for every slot machine and select the most successful payout rate.
  • DO indicate financial and time limits and stick to them. Stop playing when you reach the deadlines!
  • DO pay heed to the best progressive slot games. Maximize your chances by learning additional information about progressive slots.
  • DO be positive, confident and enjoy playing slots: it attracts Lady Luck.
  • DO gamble on machines with higher payouts in order to take your winning opportunities to the next level.
  • DO ask for help in case you need any additional information.


  • DON'T pick up casinos that have no extra bonuses, comps and other rewards that can compensate your loses.
  • DON'T continue to play in case you have achieved the jackpot. Additional spins may void your winnings.
  • DON'T continue to play in order to increase your chances to win: quit if you have a feeling that today is your unlucky day.
  • DON'T make efforts to cheat the slot device. Any action or attempt to install mechanical or electronic tool that may change the outcome will be considered illegal and you will be punished.
  • and DON'T forget your prizes!

Slots Myths

Unfortunately gambling industry has a lot of slot myths and misbelieves generated by uninformed players from various regions. Thus it is very important to pick up the right slot tips and stick to them.

Myth â„–1: Betting houses control winnings on slot machines.

The truth is: Its nonsense! Casinos do keep an eye on those who win and lose but they do not customize coin machines in order to rub their guests.

Myth â„–2: If the surface of the slot machine is cold gambler should insert cold coins or tokens and vice versa.

The truth is: The temperature of slots and/or coins and tokens does not mean anything at all!

Myth â„–3: If someone has just hit the jackpot on certain slot machine it is not worth playing at it as far as there will be no winnings for a long period of time.

The truth is: Only RNG and Lady Luck can determine the next jackpot; no more, no less.