Plenty of Slot Types: Choose Your Favorite

A Paradise of Slots

Slots variety can surprise and even shock the very sophisticated gambler. Modern gambling industry is generously sharing the best quality slot games that are so attractive to immense number of players worldwide. With regard to slot machine similarity there are few diverse types that are applied to a wide range of machines. And most gamblers know so little about the offered oasis of opportunities. Thus make yourself comfortable and imbibe the given information.

Among the major types of slot machines one can mention the following:

  • Straight slots
  • Progressive slots
  • Bonus slots

Straight Slots

Straight slots are slot types that demonstrate the jackpot that is being paid out by certain game sessions. The 'straight' approach makes it clear that the slot game jackpot is fixed and does not alter in the event of a progressive slot adventure.

Straight slots are very simple but one should not forget about alternatives of this slots class:

  • The Multiplier. As a rule the machines of this type can take in multiple-coin stake. Gamblers may be allowed to play with 1-5 and more coins. The winning combination depends on the bet you make. The exception for this game is a jackpot.
  • Multiple payline slots are determined by more than one line you can bet on. Various slot machines have completely different number of paylines even up to 20. Frequently there are three horizontal payoff lines: one in the middle and the other two are above and below it. You may also come across machines that have two extra diagonal pay-lines. Commonly those paylines are activated by certain number of coins.
  • Buy a pay type of slots have one payoff line. Gamblers can pay for the symbols they would like to match.
  • Bonus multiplier is similar to the Multiplier with a difference in a symbol on the reels that increases your bonus if it appears on the reels in the end of the gaming round.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots game is the hottest hit among gamblers from different countries of the world. The payoff of this slot types is linked with individual pay tables. Although, they also pay out jackpots that instantly grows with every bet of the player. As a rule progressive slots jackpots reach hundreds of thousands dollars.

Bonus slots

Bonus slots reward with additional games in case you get a precise combination of symbols on the reels. This is a chance to seize the opportunity and win extra money. Do not let the opportunity to slip away from you - play slot bonus games and enjoy your prizes to the full extents!