Learn new games

If you want to learn some new casino games, just brush up your knowledge or pick up some excellent tips on online casino strategies, then a great place to do so is at the online casino sites UK.

The how to play section of the website provides detailed information on a number of games which include Exchange Blackjack, Online Slots, Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette and standard Blackjack and the strategy section focuses on blackjack and poker.

As an example of the level of information that is available we will look at the game of poker. We all know that there are many different kinds of poker playing styles, but the online casino analyses these in terms of different kinds of poker players, and how your particular poker style is likely to appear to other players.

For instance, it breaks down poker player styles into four categories. These are what it calls tight aggressive, loose aggressive, tight passive and light passive. Professional poker players tend to be tight aggressive players who only play strong hands, but also pressurise the other players, whilst loose aggressive players tend to use even more pressure but open with relatively weak hands. Tight passive play is often used by relatively novice players who only play strong hands but are a little weak when it comes to pushing other players and they often get pushed round themselves. Although loose passive players who play weak hands passively are generally considered to be weak players, sometimes they are quite difficult to read and play as they tend to rely on luck.

Many online casinos usually provide an excellent overview of Caribbean Stud Poker. This game is played against a dealer rather than against other players. Each player pays and ante and gets five cards, as does the dealer, but the dealer reveals a single card. Players can then fold or bet, and if a player beats the dealer he wins his bet plus a payout that depends on the strength of his hand.