Casinos Online Slots vs. Land-based One-armed Bandits

Land-based & Virtual Slots

A great deal of public attention is drawn to the discussion of pros and cons of online and offline slot machines. Gamblers who are fond of slots try to sort out what alternative of slot machines is better: land-based or internet. It is common knowledge that both variants have their benefits and disadvantages. Let's have a closer look at the analysis of the most famous casino game and its major features.

Actually there is no great difference between online and offline slots. Nowadays both of them rely on digital computer chip technology. Earlier slot machines were operated manually by pulling a level that started spinning the reels. Modern slots are equipped with a handle for the sake of the past traditions and attractive appearance (all casinos online and land slots are computer-based). Sometimes you can come across slot machines with a button instead of lever.

Pros and Cons of Land-based and Casinos Online Slots

Advantages of casinos online slots:

  • Convenience
  • Safe banking options
  • Privacy
  • More bonuses
  • Additional games
  • Higher payout rates
  • No crowd

Drawbacks of casinos online slots:

  • Virtual reality
  • Risk of low-quality web casinos

Advantages of land slots:

  • Immense excitement and thrills
  • Communication
  • Bar
  • Live music

Drawbacks of land-based slot machines:

  • Crowd
  • Noise
  • Video viewing

Thus take a deep breath and weight up all the pros and cons of both slot machines alternatives and choose the one that seems to be more suitable for your needs and requirements.

Beyond Any Comparison

Sometimes you may come across some land-based slots that are equipped with real reels spinning inside the machine and break off at a certain point, that's very similar to a roulette wheel. However, there are plenty of slot machines in land betting houses that are installed with a digital interface (thus the reels are illustrated virtually just like on your PC screen when you play online slots).

It is common knowledge that the major distinction between land-based fruit machines and virtual slots comprises to the way you interact with them. You are able to experience thrills when physically pulling the lever or pushing a button. Online version requires only clicking a mouse.

The other distinctive feature is that the payout percentage at virtual betting houses is as a rule much higher than in land casinos. Brick and mortar casinos have to cover expenses for the rent, stuff salary, equipment, video viewing, security measures and other options. Online entertaining establishments enjoy the absence of such kind of expenses and invest more in promotion and prizes.

Thus consider what exactly you want to get from gambling and how do you want it to be. Afterwards choose the best appropriate alternative and enjoy playing your favorite slot machines whether they are at land-based or casinos online.