Cheating with Slots: Skeleton in the Closet

Golden Opportunities or Damnation?

It is better to get through the injustice than to commit it. We do remember that the main amount of all casinos' income comes from one-armed bandits and that land-based casinos are offering more than 3.000.000 slots worldwide. Thus it is no surprise that coin machines suffer from attacks of "slot raiders". The sad truth is that millions of dollars are stolen from slots all over the world and more than hundred million dollars was filched in Nevada State alone.

And thought land-based casinos reinforce their premises with surveillance cameras and other protecting equipment it is almost impossible to watch all of the slots at the particular one moment. People say that it is better to obey laws than to violate them. Be a responsible gamer and stick directly to existing casino slot rules and that course of matters will lead you to success.

Stories of the Past

When it comes to slats fraud one immediately recollects Tommy Glenn Carmichael who is considered to be the luckiest slots thief in the whole casino history. Mr. Carmichael worked out the "monkey's paw" which misled payout device of the slot machine. After some time special protecting features were elaborated and Tommy eventually imprisoned for his persistent attempts to cheat the gambling houses.

Nowadays Tommy Glenn Carmichael works with anti-fraud tools. Apparently it may be a lesson to other potential cheaters with slots: if you master your knowledge in this area, why not to work for casino and earn money by fair means not trying to violate the law and risk your freedom?

How to Cheat Slots?

Gambling history has seen few situations of cheating casino slot machines:

  • The most simple and popular tactic of cheating slot machines involves the usage of fake coins and tokens. If the machine will admit the fake coin the cheater will have an opportunity to play for free. Nowadays producers of the casino equipment nullified this risk by installing special "catching" devices inside the machine.
  • Mini-lights are another cheating device that interacts with optical sensors of slot machine and confuse it with the quantity of coins being inserted. This worked for a while until casinos caught onto the scam. Today all slot machines are protected from such illegal actions with special programmed devices.
  • Casino slot history has seen few acts of slots fraud sabotage when "raiders" tried to bring up flaws into the work of slot machines right before they were handed over to the casino. But as it was almost impossible to realize many people who tried this trick were caught and punished.

Whatever were the attempts to cheat casino and illegally get easy money the punishment almost always reached the violators and necessarily penalized them in one way or another.