Challenge Your Luck: Try Playing 3-reel Slots!

Meet Slots Veterans!

Slot machines are the most popular gambling adventure for players with different gaming experience from different corners of the world. If you're experienced player at slot machines you probably are aware of the difference between slots with different number of reels. And if you are a newcomer who is hypnotized with fascinating slot machines, this article will provide you with all the necessary information about the most typical variation of slots: 3-reel machines.

Gambling Journey of Slot Machines

If to look back to the slot history, the first slot machine was invented by German mechanic Charles Fey in the end of the 19th century. It is known as the Liberty Bell - a 3-reel slots machine with a total of 5 symbols. This machine became so popular that it was copied by other manufacturers who generally stole the main operating 3-reels principles and change only insignificant features like the title of the machine etc.

Much later on with the development of the World Wide Web technology manufacturers started to introduce innovations. Thus gamblers have experienced 5- and 7-reel slots with a range of paylines and other unique peculiarities.

Features of Slot Machines with 3 Reels

It will be essential to mention that there are distinguishing peculiarities and variations of 3-reel slot games. This particular type of hazard gambling game of chance may basically vary with the payout percentage. Therefore before you start to play for real cash read firstly the pay table and acquire the necessary information about 3-reel slots jackpots and other financial details. Pay heed to the wild symbol in time of playing at slot machine (it can replace any other symbol for the sake of a winning combination). However, if you reach the winning combinations using the wild symbol your reward as a rule is somehow lower.

If to consider virtual gambling reality, standard 3-reel slot game is the beloved one pay line slot machine. There is nothing special about it but simply a quick game where the gambler awaits simple horizontal winning combination.

Other variations of 3-reel slot entertainments can offer unique gaming experience with multi-paylines and a range of coin options as well as an opportunity of constantly increasing winning payouts (for example progressive jackpots). Note that slot bonus jackpot payouts depend on the quantity of coins you're allowed to bet on per every spin: while struggling for higher payouts remember to must use the maximum amount of coins!